Sweater vest Savant

Diagonal pan for layout

A papercut piece I did for my painting homework

i am a boy. will you date me if i take you out for tea


you're really pretty u.u do you have a boyfriend?

Currently married to Marlene Dietrich  ;   ^     )

some layouts and character designs for my short film

My character timeline for school

A shark sushi chef

Scale layout assignment

Scale layout assignment

sketch commissions!

For a limited time I will be opening sketch commissions since I have a short break and some time to work on things. 

Pricing on them is 20 dollars for a full figure like such:

any extra character is an extra 10 dollars. 

more examples:



Pay through paypal. 

since tumblr is unreliable please email me at tianaoreglia at gmail.com 

Haven’t had time to do much besides sketch. So here’s a bunch of scans from my sketchbook

layout assignment 

realistic texture and my own texture